TRUMPF as an employer

In the machine tool industry, we are regarded as a showpiece company and as a dynamic, innovative technology leader. The title "Family business" reflects not only our structure as a medium-sized enterprise but also exemplifies our corporate culture.

Our values
Long-term consistency is one of our most important maxims. We are committed to sustainable success and invest in our future growth. This consistency gives our employees a sense of security. Our mutual interaction is marked by friendly cooperation, a good information policy and direct communication.

Your development with us
As a TRUMPF employee, continuous further development is a matter of course. You have a wide variety of opportunities –whether you are seeking to broaden your professional expertise or are striving for a management position. We stand for short decision-making processes and give our employees the freedom to develop new ideas. This is the only way to achieve innovative solutions and continuous improvement.

International orientation
With about 60 subsidiaries in 26 countries, we are a force to be reckoned with in the world market. We practice and foster globalization within the company and welcome employees who are internationally oriented.

Further training
We are active in innovative industries that require continuous upgrading of skills. Our comprehensive training program offers qualification opportunities and fosters the strengths of our employees.