Whether mild or stainless steel, aluminum or copper, adhesive materials or silicon wafers, the materials that our customers use in production are clearly a value driver. However, producing these materials requires increasingly large amounts of energy. Therefore it goes without saying that valuable resources must be used judiciously.

Your benefits: Examples of our efficient solutions

  • Skeleleton-free processing on TRUMPF punching machines increases sheet utilization by an average of 10 percent and therefore reduces material costs.
  • The additional axes and the active die of the punch laser machine TruMatic 7000 minimize the clamp dead area and thus increase sheet utilization.
  • In both punching and laser cutting machines, material can be used more efficiently by using micro-joints.
  • Thanks to the bending sensor ACB (Automatic Controlled Bending), the first bent part is a finished part - making scrapped parts a thing of the past.

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