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Corona | TRUMPF

TRUMPF reaction to Coronavirus: April 14, 2020


Current TRUMPF information on the Coronavirus

TRUMPF is reacting to the spread of the Coronavirus with graduated measures in all important company divisions.

+++ Update: April 14 +++

TRUMPF Photonic Components retrofits laser diodes for use in ventilators. Up to now, these "mini-lasers" have been measuring the amount of oxygen during aircraft refueling or in the petrochemical industry. The laser diodes are scheduled to be delivered by the end of May to be able to equip 3500 ventilators. Read more in our TRUMPF Online Magazine. 

+++ Update: April 09 +++

TRUMPF is producing headbands for face shields. Design, final assembly and delivery to hospitals will be handled by the research association ARENA2036 of the University of Stuttgart. Initially, production will start with 1000 headbands per day. The aim is to increase production even further and to adapt it to demand.

+++ Update: April 06 +++

Today, short-time working starts at the German locations Ditzingen, Gerlingen and Hettingen. If possible, the agreement is to be successively extended to all German sites.

+++ Update: March 30 +++

The TRUMPF management and the works council have agreed to respond to the economic and corona crisis with short-time working to safeguard jobs.
The introduction will begin on April 6, 2020 in nearly all German plants. The continuation of short-time working will be reviewed monthly by the management and, if necessary, adjusted to the current business development and discussed with the works council.

+++ Update: March 24 +++

As of Tuesday, March 24, 2020, the working time at the Ditzingen, Gerlingen and Hettingen locations will be significantly reduced for the time being. Only selected production and customer service areas and some business-critical areas will be maintained. The measures will initially remain in effect until April 3, 2020, after which TRUMPF plans short-time work for the majority of employees. If possible, the agreement will be successively expanded to all German locations.

Extensive reductions in working hours are also planned or already being implemented for the other European locations, especially in the countries heavily affected by the corona pandemic, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain.

+++ Update: March 18+++

In coordination with the works council TRUMPF made working time accounts at all German locations more flexible, thereby expanding the possibilities for mobile working. This is also intended to ensure comprehensive protection for employees among the risk groups.

As a private educational institution, the TRUMPF training center has also suspended all face-to-face events and, where possible, offers virtual training for customers.

+++ Update: March 16+++

TRUMPF enables flexible working during school and day-care closures

Many employees at TRUMPF have already had the opportunity to work remotely to a certain extent, i.e. from home. We have expanded these options for our German locations in the current corona situation. In coordination with the respective manager, this allows child-caring parents a high degree of flexibility in working until the end of the Easter vacation.

+++ Update: March 13 +++

TRUMPF set up various crisis teams as early as January, immediately after the spread of the virus (SARS-CoV-2) became known. Central, local and specialized crisis teams work together to minimize the consequences of the spreading virus infections.

Business trips to the risk areas defined by the Robert Koch Institute are prohibited. All other business trips are only possible if absolutely necessary in individual cases.

Meetings should, as far as possible, be held via virtual channels. This also applies to discussions with business partners.

Supply chains in logistics

Our central purchasing department continuously evaluates the worldwide supply chains in order to identify supply bottlenecks in time. Like the industry in general, TRUMPF is preparing for delays in both the supply chain and production.

TRUMPF in China 

On February 10 and 12, TRUMPF resumed production following the official end of the New Year's holidays, extended by the authorities. Despite the difficult circumstances, the colleagues in China have already reached more than 90 percent of the normal production capacity.  

CEO Nicola Leibinger-Kammüller informs employees about the Coronavirus

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