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We offer process power solutions all along the semiconductor value chain and SiC crystal growth competence

Our induction heating systems power crystal growth processes such as Si ingots grown in Czochralski furnaces or SiC boules in PVT reactors by providing stabile and reliable energy during the entire process cycle. Our DC and RF systems are the essential component for wafer deposition and etching tools to ensure the production of homogeneous and defect-free layers and features while offering our partners a competitive edge with our best-in-class power efficiency. We help to build a better future by enabling our customers to build more efficient semiconductor components!


Plasma power supplies

Plasma generators from TRUMPF Hüttinger provide the process stability required for many high-tech industries and make functional coating of solar cells and microchips possible, as well as coating of large surfaces of architectural glass and the manufacture of semi-conductor elements and flat screens. They are some of the front runners on the market thanks to their outstanding precision, energy efficiency and high process stability.

VHF Generator Serie 3000

TruPlasma VHF Series 3000

The highest power for your process: The generators of the TruPlasma VHF series 3000 are based on an innovative platform concept which meets even the toughest process demands. The modular design of the VHF generators, which are purely cooled by water, enables the output power to be scaled by up to 80 kW – and this with the smallest footprint!

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TruPlasma RF Air Series 1000

The air-cooled RF generator TruPlasma RF 1001 Air delivers up to 1000 watts of high-precision, reproducible RF energy with an extremely fine resolution – in increments of 100 mW – and is thus suitable for diverse plasma applications. Whether manufacturing semi-conductors, solar cells, or displays – the patented TRUMPF Hüttinger Technology guarantees top availability and the best process results throughout due to modern process functions.

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TruPlasma Highpulse Series 4000 (G2)

The process power supplies of the TruPlasma Highpulse Series 4000 (G2) deliver particularly corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant hard material coatings and are the first choice for HiPIMS applications. In combination with polarized substrates, the TruPlasma Highpulse Series 4000 (G2) can also serve semi-conductor applications such as trench filling, surface pretreatment, and etching.

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TruPlasma DC 4040 (G2)

TruPlasma DC Series 4000 (G2)

The TruPlasma DC Series 4000 (G2) combines the excellent arc handling of TRUMPF Hüttinger with the advantages of DC pulse technology. This means you gain improved coating results with fewer defects, along with a higher deposition rate. The results are brilliant surfaces and a high level of production power.

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Induction power supplies

Induction generators from TRUMPF Hüttinger are the ideal solution for inductive heating and heat treatment. The spectrum ranges from classic applications such as hardening, annealing, soldering, melting, and forging, right up to special applications such as epitaxy and crystal growing according to the Czochralski process. At TRUMPF Hüttinger you can find a tailor-made induction generator with the right power and frequency for your application, too.

TruHeat MF G3 Series


TRUMPF Hüttinger launched the next generation of induction generators that combines the well-known product features – from high reliability and robustness to state of- the art interfaces and an intelligent cooling concept. The TruHeat MF Series G3 generators are mainly used for demanding induction heating tasks like crystal growing and epitaxy processes, especially for SiC, but are also suitable for traditional applications like hardening, annealing, soldering, welding or melting.


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Business Unit Microwave

In January 2020, TRUMPF Hüttinger has acquired microwave technology company HBH Microwave. This acquisition adds semiconductor-based, solid-state microwave generators to TRUMPF Hüttinger’s technology portfolio. Another important market the company has in its sights is particle accelerators for research, medicine and industry. Moreover, this acquisition will also enable TRUMPF Hüttinger to expand its business in the particle accelerator market. The most common areas of application for particle accelerators are in fundamental science, medicine and future industry. Medical applications include radiation and particle beam therapy in the treatment of cancers.

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