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Event der Halbleiterindustrie: Seien Sie dabei, wenn wir über faszinierende Technologien von der EUV-Lithographie bis zum Quantum Sensing sprechen,
Event der Halbleiterindustrie: Seien Sie dabei, wenn wir über faszinierende Technologien von der EUV-Lithographie bis zum Quantum Sensing sprechen,

Semicon Spotlight 2021

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Semicon Spotlight 2021

In our Semicon Spotlight, we focused on photonic technologies in the semiconductor industry.
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  1. Drive lasers for EUV lithography: Creating high-tech customer value
    Dr. Matthias Wissert, Head of R&D Development, TRUMPF
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    EUV lithography is used for the production of state-of-the art smartphone processors and now also taking a larger market share of the overall semiconductor lithography market. This talk is highlighting the technical features of the source CO2 laser to generate the EUV light, which is developed and manufactured by TRUMPF for integration into the ASML lithography system.
  2. Accelerating innovation cycles for process power supplies
    Felix Reichenbach, Industry Management Electronics, TRUMPF
    Dr. Jan Peter Engelstädter, Head of Business Unit RF Electronics, TRUMPF
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    The semiconductor industry sees an unprecented boom, fueled by an expansion of applications under the umbrella of IoT mixed with emerging technologies such as AI, EV or 5G. The presentation will showcase some examples of our innovative response to industry trends, how we help our customers to develop a new generation of tools for the next technology node while reducing complexity and cost of ownership.
  3. Ultrafast lasers: Industrial state of the art and future possibilities
    Dr. Dirk Sutter, Head of R&D Ultrafast Laser, TRUMPF
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    Ultrashort laser pulses provide unique properties for applications in materials processing and inspection. TRUMPF´s broad portfolio of ultrafast lasers covers the femto- and picosecond regime, and extends from the infrared to the deep ultraviolet spectrum. Characterized by market-leading reliability these robust systems range from compact Watt-level sources up to the hightest power levels available today. This presentation covers the relevant technology aspects and provides insights into the flexibility of these lasers that define the current state-of-the-art in industrial ultrashort pulse generation.
  4. Structured light for ultrafast laser micro- and nanomachining
    Dr. Daniel Flamm, R&D Advanced Development, TRUMPF
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    The industrial maturity of ultrashort pulsed lasers has triggered the development of a plethora of material processing strategies. Recently, the combination of these remarkable temporal pulse properties with advanced structured light concepts has led to breaktroughs in the development of laser application methods, which will now gradually reach industrial  environments. We review the efficient generation of customized focus distributions e.g., based on nondiffracting beams and three-dimensional-beam splitters, and demonstrate their impact for micro- and nanomachining of a wide range of materials.
  5. Pushing the limits of ultrashort pulse laser materials processing
    Dr. Ulf Quentin, Director Sales Micromachining, TRUMPF
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    For more than a decade, ultrashort pulse lasers are spreading into industrial applications. Further opportunities are practically endless, but their realization requires constant expansion of technological limits. This talk addresses challenges implied by fundamental principles of pulsed laser processing and highlights developments that answered to these challenges. Examples of ultrafast laser processes from femtosecond glass welding to UV cutting of polymers will illustrates this and represent state of the art industrial processes with ultrashort pulse lasers.
  6. How photonics is pushing quantum technologies to markets
    Dr. Michael Förtsch, Chief Executive Officer, Q.ANT
    See entire presentation: 
    Through the systematic exploitation of Quantum mechanical effects, we will experience technological revolutions in the fields of computing, communication, imaging, and sensor technology in the 21st century.  With the founding of Q.ANT in 2018, we have made it our mission to make a significant contribution to this technological revolution using photonics. The talk reports on distinguished projects and their current status with respect to final industrial products.
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