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In January 2020, TRUMPF Hüttinger has acquired microwave technology company HBH Microwave. This acquisition adds semiconductor-based, solid-state microwave generators to TRUMPF Hüttinger’s technology portfolio. Another important market the company has in its sights is particle accelerators for research, medicine and industry. Moreover, this acquisition will also enable TRUMPF Hüttinger to expand its business in the particle accelerator market. The most common areas of application for particle accelerators are in fundamental science, medicine and future industry. Medical applications include radiation and particle beam therapy in the treatment of cancers.

Our portfolio:

  • Solid state power generators at 915 MHz & 2.4 - 2.5 GHz

  • 1 kW modules for industrial heating and plasma generation

  • Combining of modules up to several tens of kW

  • Software control for highest process stability

  • Amplifier systems for particle accelerators at a broad range of frequencies

  • High Temperature Operating Life RF Test System (HTOL), 0.4 – 6 GHz, 8 W


In the Communication-domain we design and fabricate Software Defined Radio (SDR) applications utilizing Modern technology as chip on board, GaN as heat spreader, LTCC, thickfilm, thinfilm ceramics. 

We offer:

  • Video transmission for railway applications
  • High integrated radio front end, chip on board
  • Frequency hopping filters for Software Defined
  • Radio (SDR)

Radar and Space

In Radar-technology X-band and S-band amplifiers are developed for space applications like for DLR´s Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellites. And our clean room facilities ensure the production of highly sophisticated, high-quality microwave- and radar-technologies e.g. chip-integration, -packaging, and fabrication of hybrid modules like for challenging space applications.

We offer:

  • Modules for SAR on satellites, 20 years in space
  • Modules for surveillance radar
  • Air traffic control for wind parks
  • Radar signature generator up to 36GHz
  • Modules for RCS measurement system up to 40GHz

Particle accelerator

Another important application domain are transistor-based solid-state power amplifiers replacing electron-tubes in particle accelerators for research, medicine and industry for applications.

We offer:

  • High power amplifiers at a broad range of frequencies
  • Software controlled turn key systems
  • With high reliability and availability
  • For fundamental research, medical, and industrial applications

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