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Whitepaper Leistungselektronik

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Shape matters - Bipolar sputtering

Dual magnetron sputtering is a state-of-the art deposition technique in production of compound layers for glass coatings, functional films in electronic display technology or photovoltaic cells. Utilization of a pair of cathodes opened the possibility to industrialize large scale reactive sputtering by limiting the arcing probability.

Sinus oder Rechteck

This white paper explains the significance of the signal shape for dual magnetron sputtering.

A New Auto Frequency Tuning Algorithm

One countermeasure to fast plasma impedance variations is auto frequency tuning where on a sub-millisecond timeframe the RF power generator sets its fundamental to a frequency value with better matching. Conventional solutions for auto frequency tuning work with a trial and error algorithm. This white paper shows TRUMPF Hüttinger's new approach in which the RF fundamental is constantly FM-modulated with a selectable modulation frequency.

Novel pulsed technology - Dual usage power supply

The DC and pulsed-DC sputtering is one of the most commonly used sputtering technique on the industrial scale. It is used for tool coating, decorative coating, photovoltaic cells production and other.

Voltage controlled transition mode

This white paper explains a new process power supply feature which enables stable transition mode operation.


Here you find information about an intelligent arc management system, which is able to detect arcs in real time. This white paper explains how this new technology works.


This white paper discusses the effects of combining structures on the RF and thermal performance of LDMOS high power amplifiers under mismatch conditions.


High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HIPIMS) is the youngest Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technique available to the industry. The experience gathered in the last decade of HIPIMS development allowed to equip the new generation of TRUMPF Huettinger units with unique features which guarantee high reliability and adjustability to different process requirements.

Precision in Processing

This whitepaper describes the key aspects of providing accurate performance levels to plasma chambers and measurement results of the latest generation of RF generators.

Application of pulsed DC sputtering

One of the most interesting absorber for solar cells are copper indium selenide based (CIS) materials which properties can be varied by replacing part of the indium by gallium to form Cu(In,Ga)Se2, known as CIGS.

Power Conversion System

Single-Stage three-level inverter

This paper discusses the requirements and dependencies for a single-stage approach that can save costs and increase system efficiency.

DC Coupling: The efficient way

With the decreasing cost of energy storage, PV-coupled storage applications are becoming more and more attractive for a broad range of applications. The modular TRUMPF TruConvert product family combined with Ampt string optimizers offers a cost-effective, energy-efficient, flexible solution for DC-coupled solar energy storage systems.

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