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TRUMPF employee Carla Araujo

Carla Araujo, Marketing Officer at TRUMPF in Barueri (Brazil)

How did your journey start at TRUMPF and which stops have you made along the way? What position do you hold currently?

In TRUMPF terms, I am still very new to the company. I started in the Marketing and Communication department at TRUMPF in Brazil in July 2016.

Why did you choose TRUMPF?

There are lots of marketing positions. However, the culture and values of an employer are very important for me. That won me over at TRUMPF.

What do you like best about your tasks?

Every day is different. There are no fixed routines. That means that I learn something new with every task: A new way of thinking, a new process.

What is the most exciting project/topic that you have worked on?

Working on a museum project that TRUMPF supports as part of its social responsibility activities. Art and culture are funding priorities. TRUMPF in Brazil is one of the sponsors for the first open air museum of our national hero Ayrton Senna. The exhibit features statues by the artist Rafael Sanches, showing special moments in the racing driver's Formula 1 career. In addition to financial support, our machines were also used to create the artwork.

What do you value in particular in TRUMPF as an employer?

The individual responsibility and creative scope that I am given after such a short time at TRUMPF. A true sign of confidence!

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