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TRUMPF employee Kerstin Kägler

Kerstin Kägler, Quality Assurance Group Leader at TRUMPF in Ditzingen, Germany

How did your journey start at TRUMPF and which stops have you made along the way? What position do you hold currently?

I gained my first experience at TRUMPF during an internship as part of my Industrial Engineering degree.

I then wrote my thesis at TRUMPF and subsequently joined the plant management team as a project engineer.

Why did you choose TRUMPF?

I was able to get a taste of life at TRUMPF during my internship and when writing my thesis. It was above all the collaboration with my colleagues and atmosphere in the Production department that convinced me to stay on once I had finished my degree.

TRUMPF also combines the advantages of a family company with the global presence and innovative capability of a corporate group, giving it an international yet family-like outlook.

What do you like best about your tasks?

I'm a female group leader in a relatively male-dominated engineering department. My employer trusts me to make important decisions, both when it concerns my own area of responsibility and when taking decisions as part of projects. My responsibilities vary greatly, and no two days are the same.

What is the most exciting project/topic that you have worked on?

The topics that excite me are those for which there isn't a standard solution. TRUMPF focuses on innovation, which means the company works on a lot of new, unique issues. It challenges every engineer to deliver. There is also a constructive error culture here, which means we openly talk about problems that we have identified and then resolve them. My most exciting project is currently under way: 'Quality Assurance 4.0', i.e. quality assurance for the production of the future (Industry 4.0).

What do you value in particular in TRUMPF as an employer?

At TRUMPF you can really see progress in action – on a technological level through innovative products and software solutions, and on a social level through modern working time models and adequate social security benefits. This means that, on top of everything, I was able to complete a distance learning course alongside my job.

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