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TRUMPF employee Michele Turrisi

Michele Turrisi, Project Leader at TRUMPF in Ditzingen

How did your journey start at TRUMPF and which stops have you made along the way? What position do you hold currently?

I started working at TRUMPF in Italy in 1995 as a Service Engineer for 2D laser processing machines, and was promoted to Team Leader of the department in 2003. Five years later I was Service Manager, and in 2013 I became responsible for the entire After Sales area there. I am currently working as a project manager for TRUMPF machine tools at the head office in Ditzingen.

Why did you choose TRUMPF?

I already had contact with TRUMPF in my previous job; the machines inspired me even then. This fascination, combined with my interest in laser technology and CNC control, spurred me on to apply.

What do you like best about your tasks?

In a nutshell, what I like about my job is working with people. Our customers want a specific problem to be solved or a requirement to be fulfilled. I can help them to find this solution, tailored to their needs and expectations. After all, a satisfied customer gives you the best sense of achievement. But I also find inter-departmental collaboration and networking between many different colleagues exciting in my current position as Project Leader.

What is the most exciting project/topic that you have worked on?

Definitely the most interesting project and the one with the greatest sense of pioneering spirit was setting up a central sales department for "TruConnect" – our products and solutions relating to Industry 4.0.

Do you have a personal highlight?

There was once a complaint from a very important customer who was unhappy with the delivery of a spare part he needed. I worked with a colleague on a solution to the urgent problem, and apart from that also worked on improving the processes in general in order to prevent similar problems in the future. Our efforts more than satisfied him: In the end, we were not only able to win back the customer's satisfaction, but also bring in another order for a further machine. For a sales employee, this is of course a great memory that will help shape the future.

What do you value in particular in TRUMPF as an employer?

TRUMPF challenges and supports its employees; performance and dedication are rewarded.

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