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Ahead of the curve: TRUMPF presents the key figures from the best fiscal year in the company's history

Controlling light, or TRUMPF in the age of photonics

Artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, and networked factories – light is the foundation for all of this. But there was a long path up to this point. It started with the discovery that light is neither a particle nor a wave, but rather a third option. In the mid 20th century, therefore, quantum electrodynamics followed: light consists of quanta of energy – photons. With the mathematics behind this theory, humanity had a tool available to control and shape light. In this way, today laser beams cut and weld the widest range of materials according to our wishes. Laser beams also build up components layer-by-layer using 3D printing. With ultrashort pulse lasers, we also control light in the dimension of time, right up to the quadrillionth of a second, the femtosecond. High-power lasers hit 50,000 tin droplets per second to create extreme ultraviolet radiation for the exposure of substrates – the basis for high-performance chips in self-driving cars, smartphones, and much more – changing our lives. TRUMPF is a pioneer contributing to all of these examples, thereby shaping the age of photonics like hardly any other technology company.


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