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Mechanical engineering and system construction 2018 | TRUMPF
TRUMPF products in mechanical engineering and system construction

Mechanical engineering and system construction

Whether it's sheet metal design, repair work, or dismantling work, TRUMPF tools work throughout the entire life cycle of machinery and systems.

We have been constructing machines since 1923, and as a result, we know the industry inside out. TRUMPF machines process numerous thick sheet metal parts and tubes in designs that are used in mechanical engineering and system construction. Customers often use our power tools for dismantling work, maintenance, and repair work.

Special machine construction


TRUMPF lasers cut many guard plates in the mechanical engineering sector in a highly productive and time-saving manner. Thick sheet metal parts for load-bearing design elements are bent by TRUMPF machines. The highest level of angle and side length precision is required as components are often used in further assembly steps. Laser tube cutting makes it possible to create intelligently combined designs made of tube and sheet metal that replace many classic sheet metal designs. TRUMPF Hüttinger generators can also be used in mechanical engineering processes, such as inductive hardening or sealing, and can be easily integrated into existing production lines.

Container and tank construction

Technologiebild TRUMPF Nibbler

When constructing tanks or containers, leak tightness is a basic requirement. In terms of weld seams, customers can save a lot of time and money as they benefit from high-quality seams that require little or no rework. The ambient conditions when working on existing tanks are usually very harsh and so reliable and robust tools are a must. TRUMPF has specifically developed its power tools for durability during dismantling and disassembly work. Large TRUMPF nibblers are primarily used in this field: They reliably nibble through sheet thicknesses of up to 0.4 in. without producing emissions or flying sparks. This has a positive effect on your health and safety.

Metal and steel construction

Image of the technology inside the TRUMPF deburrer

TRUMPF edge trimmers and bevellers provide components in metal and steel construction with a neat visible edge, remove cutting burrs, and prepare weld seams. In the area of switch cabinet assembly and modification, the small nibblers can also save you time in tight spaces, since the machine can be rotated on the spot.

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