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Step by step to the Smart Factory using automation and smart processes

Have you already achieved transparency in production and identified initial potential for optimization according to Industry 4.0? Take the next steps with us now and upgrade your factory. You can boost productivity step-by-step with automated machines and autonomous production cells. TruTops Fab provides you with software for digitally controlling and managing all your processes – from customer order to dispatch. Automated and efficient processes increase productivity, ensure better material utilization and guarantee efficient material flows.

CEO of the Knoll company

"Looking back, we have achieved a lot and have done everything right."

Over the past four years, we have increased our productivity in sheet metal processing by around 20 to 25%. This means we are on the right track.

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Everything under control – Makes taking the step into automated production worthwhile

Automated production gives full transparency of your production processes. Employees can then focus on their core tasks, which boosts motivation and increases the quality of parts. Automated production saves space and allows better utilization of machines. Production becomes more economical and can take place around the clock. Your customers can also depend on you as a supplier because satisfied employees means satisfied customers.

What our consultants say

In order to identify the full potential for optimization, data is bundled and analyzed using software solutions. This allows you to bring continuous flow to your production.

Jan-Lukas Nelke
Smart Factory Consultant

Smart Factory Consulting – let us advise you!

We will accompany you on your path into the connected future What potential can you unleash? What does your path to networked production look like? Regardless of whether you want to just make a start, make step-by-step adaptations or fully network throughout, our consultants will help you find the ideal solution for any situation.

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Smart Factory

With the modular networking solutions from TRUMPF, we help our customers to create a continuous flow in their production facility, thereby arranging their entire production process with increased transparency, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness within the framework of Industry 4.0.

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Discover your networking potential!

Whether you're an Industry 4.0 professional or a novice – with us, you will find and optimize the process step that will catapult you towards running a Smart Factory quickly.

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Fully networked

We are your partner for planning and implementing a turnkey Smart Factory. With an integrated system, you will get the most out of your production. We ensure optimal interaction between machines, automation and software components.

Uwe Cichowicz
Smart Factory Consultant
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