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Contact people for corporate communications | TRUMPF

Your Corporate Communications contacts

Are you a journalist who would like more information? Please get in touch with one of our contact people directly. If you are not a journalist, please use the general contact form.

Your local press contact

Emily Simone
Head of Communications Spokesperson

Your international press contact

Dr. Andreas Möller, Leiter Unternehmenskommunikation und Politik, TRUMPF
Dr. Andreas Möller
Head of Corporate Communications, Policy and Brand
Marleen Kledig
Assistant in Corporate Communications, Policy and Brand
Fax +49 7156 303930408
Rainer Berghausen
Head of Group Communications, Spokesperson
Melina Wirkner Corporate communications assistant TRUMPF
Melina Wirkner
Assistant Group Communications
Fax +49 7156 303933554
Athanassios Kaliudis Corporate communications representative TRUMPF
Athanassios Kaliudis
Spokesperson for Laser Technology, Additive Manufacturing and Electronics
Ramona Hönl
Ramona Hönl
Spokesperson Machine Tools

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