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TOP Cleave cutting optics | TRUMPF
TOP Cleave optics, high-speed laser cutting of glass
TOP Cleave optics, high-speed laser cutting of glass
Processing optics

TOP Cleave cutting optics

High-speed laser cutting of glass

Highly dynamic cutting of transparent materials without post-processing

The TOP Cleave focusing optics are processing optics for quickly cutting transparent materials such as glass or sapphire. As a result of its patented technology, this process is substantially more effective, precise, and quick than ablative processes. In addition, the surface roughness is so minimal when cutting glass with TOP Cleave that no costly post-processing is necessary.

Breakneck speed

With TOP Cleave optics you can achieve process speeds of > 1 m/s.

Cutting thick glass

You can cut glass thicknesses of more than three millimeters in just one pass.

No post-processing

Straight slitting edges with a surface roughness of less than 1 µm save on time-consuming post-processing.

Highly dynamic cutting of transparent materials with TOP Cleave
Reliable cutting of glass with TOP Cleave optics
High reliability

The compact, encapsulated housing of the TOP Cleave focusing optics can withstand a lot.

High-speed processing with the TOP Cleave cutting optics from TRUMPF
Breakneck speed

The TOP Cleave focusing optics distributes the intensity of the laser light along the beam axis. The focus is lengthened. The laser pulses modify the entire interior cutting surface of a pane that is 0.04 in. thick, for example, in a single pass. With the high-performance lasers in the TruMicro Series 5000, you can attain a cutting speed of more than 39.4 in/s, depending on the material and geometry – more than one hundred times faster than without TOP Cleave.

TOP Cleave optics, high-speed laser cutting of glass

Cutting glass with TOP Cleave

A typical application for the TOP Cleave cutting optics is the processing of thin, hard display glass for smartphones. In the past, thermally or chemically toughened glass was cut into defined sizes, loaded onto carriers, and then coated. With TOP Cleave you can save on individual process steps because the large panes can be coated directly and the individual pieces of glass can then be cut out later on.

High-speed laser cutting of glass

High edge quality

When cutting with TOP Cleave, you attain outstanding edge quality, and rework in the form of regrinding or polishing can be minimized or eliminated. Therefore, process duration and costs are significantly reduced.

Flexible geometries for laser cutting of glass

Any contour and the smallest geometries

With TOP Cleave focusing optics you can freely and precisely cut contours down to a hundredth of a millimeter. With extremely short laser pulses, you can modify a narrow area along any desired separating line. The change creates an intrinsic weakening, and the glass will break off in a controlled manner and as smooth as a mirror at the desired location.

TOP Cleave
Laser parameters  
Wavelength 1030 nm
Maximum pulse energy 500 µJ
Optics configuration 1 
Extensions 1 x
1.5 x
2 x
2.8 x
Available objectives 10 x (f = 20 mm)
20 x (f = 10 mm)
Structural design  
Dimensions (W x H x D) 98 mm x 480 mm x 86 mm
Weight < 5 kg
Available lasers TruMicro Series 5000, TruMicro Series 2000

In addition to a range of processing optics, TRUMPF also offers you the right machines and beam sources to be used with them. This allows you to find exactly the right combination for your application and requirements – all from a single source. When it comes to beam sources, TRUMPF offers all relevant lasers for industry. You can rely on our experts, trust us to always have the best solution in mind for your production tasks, and know that we will advise you independently of any preferred technologies.

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

  • Other optics configurations are available on request.

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