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TruMicro Series 8000 | TRUMPF
TruMicro Series 7000, built for maximum performance
TruMicro Series 7000, built for maximum performance
Short and ultrashort pulse lasers

TruMicro Series 8000

Built for maximum performance

Maximum productivity for large-scale applications

With the high-power short-pulse lasers from the TruMicro Series 8000, your work with ultraviolet wavelengths will be highly productive. The TruMicro 8320 is the most powerful UV solid-state laser in the world and achieves significantly better absorption in certain materials due to the short wavelengths. The combination of a high average power and an ultraviolet wavelength provides the ideal conditions for manufacturing flexible OLED displays. Simultaneously benefit from the industrial quality and reliability of tried-and-tested TRUMPF disk laser technology. The high productivity can be increased even further by synchronizing several lasers.

Short pulses – high performance

The ideal combination for your micro-processing requirements.

Full power

The internal power regulation provides the full pulse energy for your process.

Laser lift-off with TruMicro Series 7000 UV from TRUMPF
Lift-off process for flexible displays

The lasers of the TruMicro Series 8000 are pre-destined to manufacture flexible OLED displays in high numbers. The "laser-lift-off" process plays an essential role here: The UV solid-state laser removes the polyimide film from the glass substrate without damaging the organic semiconductor layer on top. In the process, the UV solid-state lasers of the TruMicro Series 8000 are particularly robust, durable, and have low running costs.

TRUMPF products in display manufacture

Manufacturing modern OLED displays

The high-power TruMicro Series 8000 short-pulse lasers make modern flexible displays a possibility. Due to the short pulse duration, the UV solid-state lasers reliably detach the sensitive display film from the carrier substrate. This procedure is known as laser lift-off.

TruMicro 8320
Laser parameters  
Average output power 200 W
Beam quality (M²) 22.5 ± 2.5
Wavelength 343 nm
Pulse duration 15 ns ± 3 ns
Maximum pulse energy 20 mJ
Minimum repetition rate 10 kHz
Structural design  
Dimensions of laser head (W x H x D) 810 mm x 450 mm x 2131 mm
Dimensions of supply unit (W x H x D) 1090 mm x 1798 mm x 650 mm
Ambient temperature 20 °C - 27 °C
TruControl product image


TruControl is the quick and easy-to-use control for TRUMPF solid-state lasers. It regulates the laser power in real time in order to deliver reproducible results. TruControl manages, controls, and visualizes the interface configuration. You benefit from a uniform control architecture across all laser technologies. With TRUMPF Teleservice you will also receive remote support in seconds. This will allow you to avoid service calls or be as prepared as possible and increase the availability of the laser device.

Remote Services

In the event of an error, TRUMPF service experts will remotely access your laser via a secure remote connection. In many cases the fault can be remedied directly in this way, or the configuration of the laser can be modified in a way that permits you to continue manufacturing until the spare part arrives.

Synchronization of multiple lasers

You can synchronize up to four lasers for even higher productivity. Due to the combined laser power, you can, for example, achieve a higher productivity in line-generating optics applications.

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