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The TruMark marking lasers. As individual as the manufacturers of household appliances.

Whether microwave, washing machine or oven – as household appliances always have numerous visible parts, markings which are high quality, resistant and which feel first rate are essential. For daily use, the permanent legibility of switches and rotary knobs, for example, is also paramount. Applications within the industry are diverse, meaning that flexible solutions as regards focal length, marking field size, or wavelength are necessary. The TruMark marking lasers are suited to every marking task and are intuitive in their use.

"With white goods, it's important to have every possibility for marking. For this, I only need one solution: TruMark."

Marc E.

Minimal processing time with the highest marking quality

You can achieve excellent marking quality due to the high pulse energy available as well as the high-performance scanner. With ultra-short laser pulses, you can mark stainless steel and chrome-plated surfaces with top contrast and with outstanding corrosion resistance. The high laser power, which is 25 percent higher with the TruMark 6030 than with standard lasers in the 20-watt segment, enables marking that is even more cost effective. You also benefit from the scalability of the laser power and extremely fast reaction times for short cycle times. The internal power measurement and regulation guarantees continuously high processing quality. Using VisionLine image processing and the integrated autofocus, you can find the right working distance for components with different processing heights automatically and precisely. In the future, you will also be able to mark any 3D body with the laser using the TruTops Mark marking software.

High system availability and reliability

The TruMark marking lasers are robust and suitable for industrial use due to their latest production technology and state-of-the-art optical components. This means the processing head is not only designed for acceleration of up to 2 g, but is also sufficiently protected against dust and spray. With the new TruMark lasers, you are also reliably and comprehensively protected due to a two-channel safety circuit. With Performance Level e, the TruMark 6030 meets the highest safety requirements and is therefore a strong, reliable link in your process chain. With the TruMark Station workstations, you are provided with a solution with laser class 1 for each component and lot size. The sealed electronics and optical areas mean that the lasers can also be used in very dirty environments. You also benefit from service availability around the world, and global spare parts availability for up to ten years after purchasing the product.

Simple system integration for the highest demands

The TruMark 6030 can be integrated conveniently and in a space-saving manner due to the supply unit and industrial PC with 19'' format. Removable connecting cables, which are industrially tested, facilitate integration of the marking laser in the machine, just as the diverse interfaces facilitate tailored communication between the laser and the production environment. You also benefit from the laser's fast reaction times, the beam trap as a safety function, the installation wizard, and a maintenance-free air cooler. In the future, the 3D functionality will enable the laser's focal position to adapt to the different component heights, meaning an additional axis is not needed.


Fast, aesthetic, and abrasion-resistant marking of oven switches

Rotary knob

The scales on the rotary knob of a microwave or washing machine are created by annealing. The workpiece surface is discolored through local heating, but is not damaged in the process.

Washing machine panel

For washing machine panels made of plastic, a UV marking laser creates a color change through carbonization. This creates, dark, high-contrast scales, type and brand designations on the light panel, which are also pleasantly smooth to the touch as the plastic is not foamed.

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TruMark, the new marking lasers. As individual as your industry.

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