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Online Update

Always keeping your machine software up to date

With Online Update, you can automatically transfer safety and machine updates to your TRUMPF machine. Your machine checks at regular intervals whether any updates are available. The machine operator can install updates during non-productive times so as not to interrupt production.

Ensuring protection

Consistently up-to-date safety packages ensure the best protection

Increasing functionality

Continuously optimized software improves the quality and functionality of your products

Making things easier for the machine operator

You no longer need to update your machine software manually

Creating a digital foundation

You pave the way for the use of future digital products

Here's how to get Online Update

  • Online Update is included in the standard scope of delivery for all platform machines.
  • Online Update can be retrofitted on older machines.
  • The function is activated upon delivery by default.
  • The function can be deactivated at any time.
  • The software of your TRUMPF machine is always up to date with Online Update, ensuring increased IT operational safety.

Here's how Online Update works

Automatic provision

of the safety and machine updates on your machine

Loading operation

of relevant updates. Automatic or parallel to production via the secure TRUMPF platform.


of the update takes places automatically when the machine is switched on or is done by the machine operator or Technical Service.

Individual use

You can deactivate the update function at any time.

Are automatic updates important to you?

The Technical Service team will advise you on current options and check the compatibility of your machines. Get in touch with us!


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