Visual Online Support

In the event of machine downtime, every minute counts. Visual Online Support (VOS) is a fast, convenient method for exchanging image, audio, and video files with our Technical Service team via an app over the existing remote support connection. This approach enables complex cases to be clarified without the need for an on-site service mission.

Higher machine availability

Faster, more effective error correction means less downtime.

Lower costs

Up to 25% of on-site service calls can be avoided.

Totally secure

As data is transferred via the remote support connection, you can rest assured that your data is transferred quickly and securely.

Rapid clarification of spare parts

Even complex parts can be identified immediately.

Discover the mobile world for all aspects of your machines and systems

You can communicate quickly, simply, and securely with our Technical Service team using an app, while our Visual Online Support (VOS) solution guarantees maximum machine availability. For a quick solution to your technical problem, VOS offers the ability to exchange image, audio, and video files with the TRUMPF Technical Service team. In addition, image files can be edited and enhanced with additional information – in real time. As a result, even complex issues can be clarified directly on the phone without the need for an on-site service call. In this way, we lead you to the right solution even more quickly and efficiently.

Quick and easy

Funktionsweise Visual Online Support

  1. You can contact the Technical Service team using the usual hotline.
  2. The service engineer starts a remote support session.
  3. You start the VOS app.
  4. VOS establishes a connection to the machine using the Wireless Operation Point.
  5. The connection is made and you can exchange image, audio, and video files quickly, simply, and securely. Images can also be edited on both sides.

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