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Engraving tool | TRUMPF
Punching tools

Engraving tool

Flexible marking

Flexible marking in path mode

Whether intricate graphics, lettering, or logos – mark sheet parts with flexibility using the engraving tool.

Flexible engraving

Wide range of engraving options: Numbers, letters, symbols, or graphics

High marking quality

Even lettering due to chipless marking

Long service life

Due to its hardness, the engraving needle has a high resistance to wear.

Maximum contour flexibility

Due to its narrow line width, the tool is also suited to intricate engraving.


When you need to comply with specified standards – for example a particular font – the engraving tool is the right choice. Using the tool, you can mark numbers, letters, symbols, but also graphics in different dimensions and excellent quality. These are produced without chips as the material is displaced during engraving. Due to a special spring assembly, variations in the sheet thickness can be compensated easily. This means you always obtain nice even lettering. Due to its hardness, the engraving needle is extremely resistant to wear, meaning failure and changeover times can be minimized.

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