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VCSEL heating systems | TRUMPF

VCSEL heating systems

The infrared power supply systems from TRUMPF provide attractive solutions in many fields of industrial heat treatment. They deliver infrared radiation with an output power of a few watts up to several kilowatts. VCSEL arrays are a flood source for intense and directed infrared radiation and can be used without additional optics for numerous tasks when it comes to surface heating. VCSEL heating modules are supplied in a compact and robust housing with a safety screen and allow easy machine integration in industrial applications and production processes.

VCSEL infrared power systems

The high-power lasers are based on VCSEL microlaser arrays and enable scalable and flexible solutions for industrial thermal processes. They deliver near-infrared radiation with 100 W/cm² of irradiance in a directed and large-area rectangular beam cross-section. The application area can be irradiated directly, without expensive laser optics or scanner systems.

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