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What is laser blanking?

The range of variants is increasing, production sizes are decreasing: This is exactly where the TruLaser 8000 Coil Edition from TRUMPF comes into play. Sheet metal processors often use press lines for large series sheet metal processing, but have to manufacture bending tools for each new product variant: an expensive and time-consuming process. Processing with a laser directly from the coil saves time, costs and material. However, users of conventional 2D laser cutting machines also benefit from processing rolled-up sheets. In addition to higher material utilization thanks to tighter nesting and cost savings when purchasing coil material, the productivity benefits of laser coil processing are impressive. 

Laser cutting directly from the coil: The advantages

Efficiently produce small to large series

Whether you are a sheet metal processor job shop with larger lot sizes or a large manufacturer: anywhere that press lines constitute too large an investment and offer too little flexibility, but 2D laser cutting machines lack productivity, laser blanking offers simple, fast and economical production.

Save material costs

Save up to 15% in costs when procuring material compared to sheet goods. At the same time, benefit from up to 15% higher material utilization thanks to more efficient nesting.

Produce flexibly

Compared to a press line, changes to the produced geometry are flexible and easy to implement. Using the laser as a tool entirely eliminates the cost of bending tools, maintenance, storage and setup operations.

Fully automate the cutting process

With the TruLaser 8000 Coil Edition, you can fully automate the cutting process – from unwinding the coil and flattening the sheet metal strip to robot-based component removal and sorting. The system fulfills all the tasks of a fully automatic cutting center.

Connect to automated storage

The highly productive, highly automated laser blanking system can be flexibly connected to storage systems. Finished cut parts can be transported to other connected machines, for example for automated part bending.

Optimize further with intuitive software

TRUMPF TruTops Boost software suggests optimal nesting and separating cut strategies. This means you can depend on the highest possible material utilization and efficient scrap management. Thanks to the software, components do not get caught in the scrap skeleton during removal. This increases process reliability.

Coil, 2D laser cutting machines, press brakes: 3 blank production systems in comparison



Coil laser processing


2D laser cutting machines


Press lines

Use Medium to large series Small series Large series
Technology Lasers Lasers Bending tools
Components Simple to complex Simple to highly complex Simple
Advantages Highly productive, economical, tool-free, and flexible Also suitable for small lot sizes, flexible material thicknesses and types Maximum productivity with consistent contour

These industries particularly benefit from laser blanking

Continuous adaptation of components, an increasing range of variants and the accompanying constant tool changes: this situation is now part of everyday work, and not only in the automotive industry. In many industries, there is also a trend towards smaller lot sizes. That's why TRUMPF experts have developed a solution enabling more and more industries to economically process sheet metal despite smaller lot sizes.

Automotive industry


From the B-pillar to the battery tray: tool-free laser blanking systems bring considerably more flexibility to automotive production thanks to free contour programming. This results in decisive cost savings.


From tractor cabs to metal plows, the agricultural sector also stands to gain from the many advantages of laser blanking.

Furniture industry

Stainless steel components for kitchens can be manufactured with the highest surface quality as well as quality and accuracy requirements.

Rail vehicle construction

Long panel and frame parts for trains are ideal for laser blanking.

Equipment housing and electrical cabinet construction

Door, frame and sliding parts for electrical cabinet construction in large series can be produced cost-effectively with laser blanking systems.

What does a coil system look like?

Learn all the details on our TruLaser 8000 Coil Edition – the highly productive, flexible laser blanking system for continuous trimming of coil material. We also demonstrate possible application examples for your industry.

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