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Getting outdoor lighting at light speed

Since its foundation in 1957, AEC Illuminazione has grown from a local manufacturer to an international company. "Along the way, we realized that design and quality alone hardly give us a competitive edge anymore," says CEO Alessandro Cini. "Being able to develop, produce and deliver products to customers quickly also plays a huge part." To meet these demands, the company has automated nearly all of its production over the past few years. This includes the bending processes with the TruBend Cell 5000 and the TruBend Cell 7000 from TRUMPF. In this way, AEC Illuminazione increased its productivity and streamlined processes immensely from the idea to the finished outdoor lighting product.


AEC Illuminazione is an Italian, family-owned outdoor lighting company based in Subbiano. The company manufactures high-quality products with unique designs – for tunnels, bridges, roads and stadiums around the world. All products are 100% "Made in Italy." Since 1957, the company has pursued the philosophy of bundling all phases of production at its Italian headquarters.


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To be at the forefront of international competition, AEC Illuminazione not only focuses on high quality and exceptional designs. The company also considers short production times a key to success. In recent years, AEC Illuminazione has accordingly faced the challenge of making production processes even more efficient and switching to higher volumes – without losing quality. Furthermore, since its foundation, the company has pursued the philosophy of being as independent as possible from suppliers and having all production phases in its own hands.

Thanks to TRUMPF's automated bending cells, we no longer have to rely on pre-produced components from suppliers.

Alessandro Cini
CEO of AEC Illuminazione


"TRUMPF is an important partner and has been supporting us in automating our production since as early as 2006," says Alessandro Cini. At that time, the collaboration began with the purchase of a TruLaser 3030 fiber. Since then, the two companies have been in close contact, including via the TRUMPF Service App. 5 years ago, AEC Illuminazione decided to replace the old bending cells with new automated ones. "We decided on TRUMPF right away because we knew that the machines are easy to operate and could be easily integrated into our production," says Cini. "With the TruBend Cell 7000 and the larger TruBend Cell 5000, we then found two machines that matched our requirements exactly." One of the main advantages for the company is the ability to bend different materials. After all, AEC Illuminazione is the only manufacturer on the market that also produces reflectors made of aluminum. In addition, the TruBend Cell 5000 can take over the work of the TruBend Cell 7000. This makes the company fast and flexible even during production peaks, large orders and special customer requests. In addition, both machines can be directly linked to the technical design department, where products and components are designed on computers. This significantly shortens the path from idea to design to finished product. 


In recent years, AEC Illuminazione has automated nearly all of its production for greater efficiency and higher production volume. With TRUMPF's bending cells, the important bending processes for components such as aluminum reflectors, lighting brackets and covers run much faster and with a consistently high quality. After all, once set, the TruBend Cell 5000 and TruBend Cell 7000 always run the same program with the same precision. "We could never have afforded that manually," says CEO Alessandro Cini. In addition, the bending cells result in significantly fewer production errors and optimal utilization of resources thanks to intelligent material planning. "This gives us full control over the entire process and allows us to view the production status at any time," says Cini. "This was particularly important to us in order to identify further potential for improvement in our production chain."


AEC Illuminazione is a model company in many ways, but especially when it comes to Industry 4.0, because the Italian manufacturer manages to produce products with unique designs and high quality in a very short time. 100% "Made in Italy" and therefore independent of suppliers. What's more, 85% of the processes are currently fully automated. By the end of 2022, this is set to reach 100%. In addition, there are plans to build a new production hall and optimize logistics by 2024. The company has accordingly set itself high goals for the future, too, in order to further improve its processes and to brighten up the world with its own products. TRUMPF accompanies AEC Illuminazione on this path with technical solutions and competent advice.

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