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TRUMPF welding application BrightLine Weld
Low-spatter welding with beam formation technology
Additive manufacturing
Annealing a workpiece in the TruMark Station 5000
Arc management
Arc management
Close-up of the surface structure of blackmarking
Black Marking (Schwarzmarkieren)
Zone floating process
Crystal pulling and zone refining
Laser cutting for CFRP components
Cutting fiber-reinforced plastics
Laser-welded gear differential
Deep welding
EUV lithography
Verfahren Kantenfräßgerät
Edge forming
Better component traceability thanks to marked data matrix codes
Engraving and ablation
Hardening and annealing
Wärmeleitschweißen mit TRUMPF Lasern und 3D-Schweißanlagen
Heat conduction welding
Hybrid welding of enormous ship decks
Hybrid welding
Soldering the cutters of a car crusher
Induction heating
Induktiv gekoppeltes Plasma
Inductively coupled plasma
Laserschneiden mit TRUMPF Produkten
Laser cutting
Laser hardening
Laser marking with TRUMPF products
Laser marking
Image of additive laser metal deposition technology
Laser metal deposition
Laser metal fusion
Laser welding with TRUMPF laser
Laser welding
Microprocessing with TRUMPF products
Passive sputtering (PVD method)
Plasma cleaning
First-rate MF power supply for the coating of flat screens
Plasma excitation
Plastic welding
Automatic laser metal deposition
Powder recoating
TruPunch 1000, Werkstück
Punching and nibbling
Reactive sputtering
Scanner-welded car door
Scanner welding
Laser-soldered component
High-temperature soldering
Soldering and welding
Spot and seam welding
Surface processing with TRUMPF lasers
Surface processing
Tube welding
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