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Do you enjoy trying new things? You have the opportunity to do so, here with us! As a high-tech company for machine tools and laser technology, we are always on the lookout for bold individuals who can drive the digital networking of manufacturing industries forward, with their fresh ideas. In doing so, you can rely on our full support, as well as our openness and stability as a family company. "Trusting in brave ideas." This is our promise to you. Regardless of whether you choose the path of an apprenticeship or a dual degree course, you are a fully-fledged TRUMPF employee from the very first day.

What we offer

We offer a number of apprenticeships and dual degree courses in various countries, in the technical, commercial, and IT areas. With this in mind, you can always develop your skills. 

TRUMPF Dual Study Program

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Lehrstelle 2021: Betriebsunterhalt Fachmann/frau EFZ

Engineer training | Business programs | Grüsch / Switzerland


Lehrstelle 2021: Automatiker/in EFZ

Engineer training | Engineering programs | Grüsch / Switzerland


Lehrstelle 2021: Automatikmonteur/in EFZ

Engineer training | Engineering programs | Grüsch / Switzerland

Lingling Zhang
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