Program details

This way, the TecDay for machine and systems engineering will become YOUR TecDay: whether its topical tours or marketplaces – just take a look through our program details and find out about specific topics that are particularly relevant for your company.

Topical tours

In our topical tours you can expect an exciting five-minute keynote speech as well as live demonstrations at different stations (2 tours for each topic).

Topical tour Topical tour 1: "E-Mobility" Topical tour 2: "Optics / Sensors" Topical tour 3: "Additive Manufacturing"
Highlights - Keynote speech in the LAC
- Condition monitoring services
- Green lasers
- Keynote speech in the LAC
- Hairpin
- Services
- Optics kit
- Plant concepts
- Additive manufacturing chain
- Industry applications


At our marketplaces you can find out more information about your topics. Our experts will be available there for individual discussions like at a trade show stand. There are marketplaces on the following topics:

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • SPI Lasers
  • E-mobility
  • Optics /sensor systems
  • Beam sources
  • Services
  • TRUMPF photonics


Franziska Eberhardt
Marketing Communications
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