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Ahmed Khaled Ismail El-Mogy


In Field Sales / Service since: 2009

Region: Egypt and the Lebanon

Km driven per year: approx. 70,000

Customers visited per year: approx. 200

Maybe it was an act of defiance. Maybe it was frustration. I was downhearted and wanted to put a positive spin on an unfortunate day. I had been traveling to a customer in Alexandria for sales meetings at least two days a week for the past few months, a two-hour drive one way – and I ended up losing the job to a competitor. That’s part of the business, no question. But I was still frustrated.

Then, close by, I saw a small factory building with some metal sheets stacked in front of it. I knocked on the door, got into conversation with the company manager, and he showed me around his production hall. And there I actually saw an ancient TRUMPF machine – it was so old, it still had the company logo emblazoned on it, which we had replaced with a new one in 1985. “What, you work for that company?” the company manager asked me in amazement.

What happened next is something I have never experienced again. He wanted to buy a new machine right away: no negotiations, no offers. Pretty much out of the blue. I drove home, telephoned my colleagues in Germany, and made sure that our newly regained customer got the machine he wanted. Today he is one of my most loyal customers.

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