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Deepak Kumar


In Field Sales / Service since: 2014

Region: Southern India

Km driven per year: approx. 24,000

Customers visited per year: 400

While listening to the ringing tone, I kept muttering to myself: “Pick up, please pick up!” I was sitting in a Swiss hotel, colleagues were waiting for me downstairs at dinner, but I absolutely had to make that call. It was pure coincidence that I had noticed it at all, because I was only in Switzerland for a training course. I sell machines in India.

A few weeks earlier, I had sadly had to tell a long-time customer that I could no longer sell him the machine he wanted, as production of it had ceased. That evening in Switzerland, shortly before my telephone call, our sales manager mentioned rather casually that eight machines of exactly this type would be built after all – and whoever got in there first would get the contract! The phone kept on ringing. Then, click: “Hello, who is this?” I was a little late for dinner, but it was worth it: one of the last eight machines went to my customer in India.

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