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Mikael Olsson


In Field Sales / Service since: 2014

Region: Sweden, Norway

Km driven per year: approx. 5,000

Customers visited per year: approx. 100

Not much work, massive salary, fancy car – these are the clichés about salespeople. Fact or fantasy?

(Hearty laughter) For me at any rate this is a fantasy. Particularly the combination of “not much work” and “massive salary”. For one thing, my customers rightly expect to be able to reach me at any time – even on Friday evenings. But then again that’s precisely the trick: finding a work/life balance.

How successful are you in doing that?
The most important thing is to prioritize properly. This is something I had to learn at the beginning of my career. I’ve been working in sales for 20 years, and I’m doing relatively well now. But sure, there are times when it’s quite challenging. I have three children at home, and I want to spend time with them, too.

How do you balance your family life with your job?
With a fair amount of pragmatism and equanimity. And a family that is willing to put up with the job and the time and effort that goes with it.

Your most bizarre moment?
I had a trunk full of obstetric suction cups one day, and components for a space shuttle the next. And I thought to myself: our technologies are helping people come into this world – and leave it. Just brilliant!

And what about the flash car?
I’m very happy with my Volvo.

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