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AI assistant from TRUMPF optimizes sorting process

Sorting Guide makes it easier to sort laser-cut sheet metal parts manually // Artificial intelligence reliably identifies parts removed from sheet // Sorting Guide automates administrative tasks and increases value added

Ditzingen, August 14, 2020 – TRUMPF has developed a solution that makes life easier for machine operators by helping them sort sheet metal parts from a laser cutting machine. The Sorting Guide uses an AI solution to identify which part the operator has removed from the machine and displays all the required information on screen. This includes information such as the next step in the process chain, for example. The Sorting Guide improves efficiency at the interface between the laser cutting machine and intralogistics, especially when dealing with sheets containing parts from multiple different orders. It helps machine operators optimize their workflows, for example by highlighting all the parts from one order in the same color on screen. At the same time, it enables the operator to keep tabs on the machine’s status when working at the pallet changer – and, as an option, even to keep an eye on the interior of the machine. That makes it easier for the operator to react quickly to any problems that might arise. The Sorting Guide automatically registers each part in the system as it is removed. This eliminates the need to re-check the number of parts and manually update the part count in the control system. The digitally recorded data in the control system thus represent the real production progress in real time. The operator can see at a glance which parts are ready for further processing and where he may need to initiate post-production. The result is higher productivity on a day-to-day basis and more efficient overall use of the laser cutting machine.  

Image processing that learns from data

The Sorting Guide works using artificial intelligence. It consists of a camera and an industrial PC equipped with intelligent image processing software. Its neural network detects which parts the machine operator has already removed from the sheet. Unlike conventional image processing techniques, this network can be trained and improved on the basis of the data that is collected continuously. In addition, the database serves to open up further optimization potential for users in the future. The Sorting Guide is currently available on systems running TruTops Fab or TruTops Boost software.         

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Sorting Guide

Der Sorting Guide erleichtert, Blechteile an Laserschneidmaschinen von Hand zu sortieren.

Unterstützung des Bedieners

Der Sorting Guide unterstützt den Bediener bei der Optimierung der eigenen Abläufe, indem er beispielsweise Teile des gleichen Auftrags farblich markiert.

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