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Drill driver | TRUMPF


Handy and light

The cordless drills are characterized by their ergonomic design and high operator convenience. They are powered by an 18 V or 10.8 V Li-ion rechargeable battery, which guarantees a long service life.

High level of operator convenience

Powerful, light-weight drill due to balanced design.

Maximum occupational safety

Due to the quick-stop function and safety lock.

Brushless motor

With the 18 V drills, ensures up to 40% higher efficiency and maximum service life.


Rechargeable battery and charger are in the same power class and compatible with all TRUMPF battery machines.

TruTool DD 1010 Li-ion rechargeable battery

TruTool DD 1010 Li-ion 10.8 V

Cordless drill driver featuring two speeds and torques of 15 Nm or 30 Nm. Its balanced design means that the drill driver sits comfortably in your hand.

TruTool DD 1813 Li-ion rechargeable battery 5 Ah

TruTool DD 1813 Li-ion rechargeable battery 18 V

The brushless 2 speed drill driver features 15 torque levels + drill setting and achieves torques of 25 Nm to 56 Nm.

TruTool HD 1813 Li-ion rechargeable battery 5 Ah

TruTool HD 1813 18 V Li-ion rechargeable battery

The 2 speed hammer drill features 21 torque levels + drill + hammer drill settings. This means it achieves stroke rates of 9,520 or 32,300 per minute in masonry.

TruTool ID 1861 Li-ion-5 Ah

TruTool ID 1861 18 V Li-ion rechargeable battery

Compact and low-kickback battery impact driver with 3 torque levels. The machine achieves torques of 50 / 90 or 155 Nm.

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