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Fiber laser | TRUMPF

Fiber laser

A compact footprint, long service life, excellent single mode (SM) beam quality up to 2 kW or multiple mode (MM) up to 6 kW as a robust "all-in-fiber" resonator concept – all these features make TRUMPF fiber lasers first choice for a wide range of applications. The 10 m SM or up to 20 m MM transport fiber and flexible laser communication and control options also allow our fiber lasers to be easily integrated into larger systems.

TruFiber 2000 product image


The fiber-based solid-state laser, TruFiber, is the precision laser for delicate work. It stands out with its single-mode beam quality and the variety of power classes available. While the lower power classes of the fiber laser (up to 1 kW) are optimally suited for laser precision cutting and welding, the higher power classes (over 1 kW) shine when it comes to wobble welding.

TruFiber P, product family

TruFiber P

The new generation of the TruFiber P family has the widest power range and most flexible control options of the TRUMPF fiber laser family. SM and MM variants in power ranges 500 W to 2 kW and MM versions from 3 kW to 6 kW with different beam qualities are available so there is sure to be a model to meet your processing needs, whether for welding, cutting, or additive manufacturing.

TRUMPF TruFiber P Compact fiber laser

TruFiber P Compact

The Trufiber P compact fiber lasers extend the power spectrum of the TRUMPF CW lasers from 2 kW down to 100 W in the low power range. They feature a particularly compact form factor, flexible product characteristics such as power, beam quality and cooling concepts, as well as user-friendly software.

TruMark Series 5000 – flexible and productive with compact laser head

TruMark Series 5000

The fiber laser-based TruMark Series 5000 offers the optimum combination of high power, high frequencies, and adjustable pulse duration. The high-power marking laser is designed for demanding applications with high power requirements and short cycle times.

One-box laser – outstanding and compact cost-effectiveness

One-box lasers

The one-box laser is a comprehensive all-in-one package that enables you to integrate laser marking quickly and easily into your production or machine. Its compact housing contains the electronics, scanner, PC, and the TruMark 5010 or TruMark 1110 beam source.

TruMicro Serie 2000, thao tác đơn giản linh hoạt

TruMicro Series 2000

The fiber-based ultrashort pulse lasers in the TruMicro Series 2000 are distinguished by their compact and light design. Integrating the laser is made significantly easier thanks to hollow core fiber technology. The moderate average power with simultaneous high beam quality will open up new areas of application for you, such as in medical technology or foil processing.

TruMicro Mark- simply precise

TruMicro Mark 2000

The TruMicro Mark 2000 is the first all-around turnkey solution for an ultrashort pulse laser in a marking station. The package, which can also be obtained as an OEM solution, includes a scanner, laser cooler, and marking software in addition to the laser. The TruMicro Mark 2000 is ideally suited for you if you are looking for a marking unit for laser markings with ultrashort laser pulses.

SPI Lasers - redENERGY® pulsed fiber lasers

SPI Lasers - redPOWER® CW fiber lasers

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