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Technologiebild DC gepulste Plasmageneratoren

DC Plasma Excitation

DC Pulsed Plasma Excitation from TRUMPF Hüttinger is ideally suited for use in numerous reactive processes. In contrast to simple direct current generators, pulsed direct current enables the processing of semi and non-conducting materials, such as oxides. Common applications for pulse generators include hard material coating, as well as etching and coating processes in semi-conductor production.

Generator in the TruPlasma Highpulse Series 4000

TruPlasma Highpulse Series 4000

The generators in the TruPlasma Highpulse Series 4000 are the first choice for HIPIMS applications. They provide particularly corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant hard material coatings. In combination with polarized substrates, the TruPlasma Highpulse Series 4000 can also operate semi-conductor applications, such as etching, pre-treatment of surfaces, and trench filling.

TruPlasma DC 4000 (G2)

TruPlasma DC Series 4000 (G2)

The TruPlasma DC Series 4000 (G2) combines the excellent arc handling of TRUMPF Hüttinger with the advantages of DC pulse technology. This means you gain improved coating results with fewer defects, along with a higher deposition rate. The results are brilliant surfaces and a high level of production power.

TruPlasma DC Series 4000 pulsed generator

TruPlasma DC Series 4000

TruPlasma DC Series 4000 generators are the first choice for demanding plasma processes. They provide full power over a broad load adjustment range. They are, therefore, well-suited for high-tech sputtering applications as well as additional standard or pulsed DC plasma applications. Like non-pulsed generators, they have excellent arc management.

Bias generator with stable voltage and fast arc management

TruPlasma Bias Series 4000

The TruPlasma Bias Series 4000 is a state-of-the-art family of pulsed DC bias generators. They offer pulse frequencies of up 100 kHz and continuous bias output.
Each device in the series has two operating modes: A high-voltage mode with 1200 Volts for substrate etching processes and a low-voltage mode with 300 Volts for bias-supported coating processes which are used in semi-conductor technology or hard material coating, for example.

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