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Technologiebild Batteriewechselrichter

Energy storage system

Energy storage systems are a core component of the energy revolution. Due to the fluctuating character of wind and solar energy, powerful battery storage systems are required which can store the generated energy and provide it again precisely when it is needed. The bidirectional battery inverters from TRUMPF Hüttinger are especially designed for the efficient operation of redox flow batteries and lithium-ion batteries.

Bidirectional inverters for battery systems

TruConvert AC 3025

With the bi-directional battery inverter TruConvert AC 3025 from TRUMPF Hüttinger, you can optimize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your redox flow battery storage system. The high efficiency and the fast reaction to load changes enable the optimal yield usage from renewable energies.

Modular system for the network connection of renewable energy sources and energy storage systems

TruConvert DC 1008

The new bi-directional and modular TruConvert inverter generation from TRUMPF Hüttinger has been specially developed for the energy-efficient operation of redox flow and lithium-ion battery systems.

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