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TruTool TKF 2000
TruTool TKF 2000

TruTool TKF 2000


TruTool TKF 2000

For curved edges with radii and interior cutouts

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    Exceptional up to 0.8 in.

    With the TruTool TKF 2000, you can create bevel lengths up to 0.8 in. in mild steel and aluminum. If you process curved edges with radii and interior cutouts, this machine is the right choice for you. It is characterized in particular by its high surface quality, as well as its emission-free operation. The innovative tool has a modular design. Depending on the requirements, you can equip the TruTool TKF 2000 with an automatic forward feed for long, straight sheets.

    Area of application

    Designed for curved radius edges and interior cutouts.

    Unique up to 0.8 in.

    The sheet thicknesses can be adapted quickly, individually, and without any tools.

    Modular structure options

    With a modification kit, you can convert the machine to automatic forward feed at any time.

    Continuously adjustable from 20° to 55°

    You can use the carrier for various angles between 20° and 55°.

    Video on the area of application of the TruTool 2000
    Dimensional drawing, TruTool TKF 200
    TruTool TKF 2000, dimensional drawing

    TruTool TKF 2000, cutting tool

    There are two different cutting tools for you to choose from. The HighQuality cutting tool is an optimized cutting tool to ensure perfect chamfer quality and meets the highest requirements. The Longlife cutting tool is very well-suited for continuous operation.

    For curved sheet parts

    Weld seam preparation on curved edges with radii and interior cutouts.

    The following consumables and the corresponding accessories are included in the scope of delivery.

    TruTool TKF 2000, Stoßstahl Highquality
    Cutting tool HighQuality


    Zubehör Standbild
    Allen key, AF 8

    1 unit 1651068

    Zubehör Standbild
    Allen key, AF 5

    1 unti 0965848

    Zubehör Standbild
    Sliding sleeve (integrated)

    1 unit 1685242

    TruTool TKF 2000, Einstellehre
    Cutting tool setting gauge

    1 unit 1650350

    Zubehör Standbild
    Punching and nibbling oil for steel

    1 unit 0103387

    Zubehör Standbild
    Grease gun, filled with "S1"

    1 unit 0385477

    Zubehör Standbild
    Lap bar, complete

    1 unit 1692836

    Find the right consumables and accessories for your machine here.

    TruTool TKF 2000, cutting tool HighQuality
    Cutting tool HighQuality

    Cutting tool optimized for perfect chamfer quality and designed to meet the highest demands

    Set of 2 1696051
    Set of 5 1696053
    TruTool TKF 2000, long-life cutting tool
    Long-life cutting tool

    Cutting tool optimized for long service life

    Set of 2 1696055
    Set of 5 1696057
    TruTool TKF 2000, guide plate
    Guide plate

    Processing of small sheet pieces

    1 unit 1728379
    TruTool TKF 2000, adapter for work station
    Adapter for work station

    Adapter for work station 1343474 or work station with pedestal 0005079

    1 unit 1653115
    TruTool TKF 1500 / 2000, work station
    Work station TKF1500/2000

    Ideal for processing small parts in stationary use. For TruTool TKF 2000, the adapter 1653155 must be ordered separately.

    1 unit 1343474
    TruTool TKF 1100 / 1101, work station with pedestal
    Work station with pedestal

    Ideal for processing small parts in stationary use. For TruTool TKF 2000, order the adapter 1653155 separately.

    1 unit 5079
    TruTool TKF 2000, machine frame
    Machine frame

    Convenient storage of the machine

    1 unit 1688964
    TruTool, pedestal

    Pedestal for work station

    1 unit 3677
    Still image of accessories
    Punching and nibbling oil for aluminum

    1,000 ml bottle 125874
    TruTool TKF 2000, modification kit
    Modification kit

    The machine can be converted to automatic forward feed

    1 unit 1778751
    TruTool TKF 2000, chip box
    Chip box

    Content for chips of 5 - 6 m chamfer length

    1 unit 1606265
    TruTool TKF 2000
    Maximum chamfer lengths  
    Max. chamfer length, steel 400 N/mm² 20 mm
    Max. chamfer length, steel 500 N/mm² 16 mm
    Working Speed 1.4 m/min
    Stroke rate with nominal load 200 RPM
    Nominal power consumption 2500 W
    Sheet Thickness 10 mm - 50 mm
    Weight with handle, without cable 32 kg
    PDF <1MB
    Technical data sheet

    The technical data of all product versions as a download.

    This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price, and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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