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TruTool S 160 E
TruTool S 160 E
Shear cutting

TruTool S 160 E

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    Mainly for thin sheets

    The TruTool S 160 E is the right choice for you if you primarily cut mild steel up to 0.05 inches, as well as up to 0.06 inches from time to time. The compact machine performs extremely well in curves and is a great choice as an affordable entry model.

    Affordable entry model

    This Economy Line machine is well-suited for mild steel applications up to 0.05 inches with the ability to process sheets up to 0.06 inches thick.

    Exceptionally flexible

    The slender handle of the TruTool S 160 E ensures good machine control and sits comfortably in the hand.

    High performance cutting curves

    With the TruTool S 160 E, deformation is minimal, even when processing tight or difficult curves.

    Long cutter service life

    Long service life and low operating costs as a result of the of 4-way cutter rotation.

    Shears: Video on the area of application
    TruTool S 160, cutter
    4-way blade rotation

    Top and bottom cutters have an identical shape and size. Furthermore, they each have four cutting edges and can be easily interchanged with one another. It really is that simple: If the cutting performance decreases, rotate the cutter by 90° and a new cutting edge is available. This results in an above-average tool life.

    For cutting and trimming straight sheets

    Flat sheet

    Cutting and trimming of flat sheets in addition to radial and interior cutouts, and notching.

    For cutting C-L-U profiles


    For cutting C-L-U profiles.

    For cutting tubes

    Ventilation ducts

    Cutting sheet metal parts for ventilation ducts.

    For cutting tubes


    For unfolding and cutting tubes.

    The following consumables and the corresponding accessories are included in the scope of delivery.

    TruTool S 160, Messer


    Zubehör Standbild
    Allen key DIN 911-3

    1 unit 0067830

    Find the right consumables and accessories for your machine here.

    TruTool S 160, cutter

    For steel up to 400 N/mm2

    Set of 10 1264320
    Set of 2 126471
    TruTool S 160, cutter CR
    Cutter CR

    For high-tensile sheets up to 800 N/mm2

    Set of 2 919760
    TruTool S 160 E, titanium-coated cutter
    Titanium-coated cutter

    Set of 2 2089660
    TruTool S 160 E
    Maximum sheet thicknesses  
    Maximum sheet thickness, steel up to 400 N/mm² 1.6 mm
    Maximum sheet thickness, steel up to 600 N/mm² 1 mm
    Maximum sheet thickness, steel up to 800 N/mm² 0.7 mm
    Maximum sheet thickness, aluminum up to 250 N/mm² 2 mm
    Smallest radius 20 mm
    Working Speed 2 m/min - 7 m/min
    Stroke rate with nominal load 1600 RPM
    Starting hole diameter 23 mm
    Nominal power consumption 350 W
    Weight without cable 1.9 kg
    PDF <1MB
    Technical data sheet

    The technical data of all product versions as a download.

    This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price, and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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