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Kiemenwerkzeug Gr.5
Kiemenwerkzeug Gr.5
Punching tools

Louver tool, size 5

Make the most of your machine's potential

Tools on a large scale

Size 5 tools enable you to create oversize forms in one stroke and can be used on punching or punch laser machines without additional machine options.

Large dimensions

The special tool setup enables forming with larger dimensions.

A choice of louver sizes

Individual choice of dimensions up to a length of 100 mm possible

Highest quality

Processing with just one stroke ensures the highest quality during forming.

Reliable setup

You can quickly and reliably set up your tool with the size 5 tool cartridge.

Kiemenwerkzeug Gr.5

Size 5 tools provide a great amount of freedom during forming. Using the size 5 louver tool, you can produce XXL forms on your punching or punch laser machine. With an outer circle of up to 4 in. in the punch, this tool offers you numerous design options for the sheet. Each tool is precisely tailored to your requirements. This is made possible by a special tool cartridge which enables this completely new setup of the tools.

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