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Punching tools


Bending with the punching head

Punching and bending on one machine

With the MultiBend tool you can form small bends on your punching or punch laser machine directly. Here, you can create a bending angle of up to 90°. Due to the complete processing on one machine, you can reduce your part costs and increase your productivity considerably through the fast bending operation.

In one operation

Lower your part costs by reducing down-stream working steps.

Fast bending

High productivity due to faster bending operations

High accuracy

Due to the exact positioning of the workpiece, you can achieve high precision.

Mark-free bending

Mark-free bends are created due to the use of a bending roller in the die.


Bending and punching in one operation: The MultiBend tool enables the forming of small bends with a width of 2 in. maximum and a side length of up to 1 in. A bending angle of up to 90° can be created. In this way, you can produce door locks or lock cases or brackets directly on your punching or punch laser machine, with high productivity and precision. Due to the complete processing on one machine, your machine utilization rate is increased and you can reduce your part costs. As a result of the bending roller in the die, you can also achieve mark-free edges.

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