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MultiShear Musterblech
MultiShear Musterblech
Punching tools


Cutting results with laser quality

Highest edge quality

Due to patented cutting technology, with the MultiShear slitting tool for punching or punch laser machines, you can achieve mark-free separating cuts with no troublesome nibbling marks.

Edges with laser quality

The MultiShear creates mark-free outer and inner contours.

Low part costs

Increased productivity due to high cutting speeds of up to 12 m/min

Long service life

Due to specially coated cutting blades

Highest surface quality

Brush inserts in the die guarantee low-scratch processing.

Cutting close to formed sections

With the optionally available stepped stripper, cutting close to formed sections is also possible.


During the cutting of parts with standard punching tools, unwanted nibbling marks on the visible edge are created. The MultiShear tool creates mark-free cutting edges in excellent quality, therefore saving you reworking. The MultiShear tool is used for outer and inner contours, as well as for common cuts.

The high cutting speed of 12 m/min which is achieved when using the MultiShear, results in lower part costs. Brush inserts in the die guarantee low-scratch processing. During the movement process, the sheet glides on the brushes so that there is no direct contact between the sheet and the die. The brush inserts also reduce the punching noise. A stepped stripper is also available for cutting near formed sections.

Tool options

Trennwerkzeug mit auswechselbaren Schneidleisten
Slitting tool with interchangeable cutting blades

The universal tool for cutting sheet metal.

Trennwerkzeug zum Trennen nahe Umformungen
Slitting tool for cutting close to formed sections

Self-stripping tool for cutting close to formed sections.

Folientrennwerkzeug mit Musterblech
Film slitting tool

Separates protective film from sheets directly on the machine.

Ausstoßwerkzeug zum Sortieren
Ejector tool for sorting

Process-reliable removal and sorting of laser-cut small parts.


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