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Certification | TRUMPF


Would you like to use your TruPrint systems to manufacture products in an environment subject to certification requirements? Our experts will support you with the "installation qualification" (IQ) with an extended, standards-oriented installation process. We'll be by your side in later operation as well, with extended maintenance and repairs processes.

Standards-oriented installation

You can count on our comprehensive tests, measurements, and detailed documentation, when it comes to preparing your TruPrint for certification.

Long-term support

With our extended maintenance services you'll hold in-depth knowledge about the status of your system – every year.

Always playing it safe

Together with you, we will make sure that your system retains its certified condition, even after repairs.

We know the stringent requirements in regulated industries

TruPrint Zertifizierung

When designing and further developing our support services, we are focusing our attention mainly on the particularly comprehensive standards and requirements from the medical technology industry as well as the aviation and aerospace industry. This way, our services are oriented primarily toward the requirements of the following standards and institutions: ISO/ASTM 52941 / 52942, ISO 13485, ISO 9100, FDA, NADCAP, and more. If you have any questions about the details of our scope of services, or if you have any requirements from your own business-specific standards, please feel free to contact us – our experts are here for you.

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