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TecZone Bend
TecZone Bend

TecZone Bend

Program more quickly than ever before

Easily program bending machines

The programming system TecZone Bend is the perfect individual solution for TRUMPF bending machines. It combines bending programming in the office with shop floor programming on the TruBend 5000 Series, and allows a program proposal to be created automatically based on 2D and 3D data, including the NC program.

Top performance

Automatic calculation of programs occurs in a few seconds.

Intuitive operation

The intuitive operating concept only shows menus that are currently needed. The bending sequence can easily be changed.

Automatic program creation

The program is automatically created in a few seconds – including NC program.

Collision check in real time

Possible tools are automatically shown; the collision check occurs in real time when a change is made.

Manage setup plans

TecZone Bend saves the current setup plan; this plan can be called up when opening a new program.

Dismantling assemblies

TecZone Bend can dismantle assemblies at the press of a button and show them as a single part.

Optimize setup plans

Minimize the number of tool changes using the Tool Setup Optimizer option.

Less set up, more bending

You will love the programming system TecZone Bend – it is extremely fast and easy to use. The Tool Setup Optimizer option checks which parts you need the same tools for and how the tool stations can be best combined. This enables you to bend the maximum number of parts with only one tool setup.

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