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TruTops Fab app | TRUMPF
TruTops Fab App
TruTops Fab App

TruTops Fab app

Keeping an eye on production – any time and anywhere

Always up to date, wherever you are!

The TruTops Fab app helps you to always keep an eye on your production processes wherever you are. It transforms your iOS devices into mobile information centers for production. You can access key production data on your mobile end device at any time.

Always up to date

Automatic transfer of machine status information and error messages in real time

Everything in view

Clear presentation of your production jobs

Rapid remote diagnostics

You have the option to transfer the control screen live to your mobile end device

Saves time and expense

Fewer inspection rounds as you always have a full overview

TruTops Fab App

Mobile production control

The TruTops Fab app provides you with information such as the status of your machines. In conjunction with the TruTops Fab Quickjob module, you can also see the status of your production jobs. The TruTops Fab Storage module shows you your inventory, while the TruTops Fab Production module allows you to report work steps of your choosing.

These functionalities can be used together with the TruTops Monitor or the TruTops Fab Quickjob module and the TruTops Fab Production module:

FunctionalityTruTops MonitorTruTops Fab Quickjob/Production module (iPad only)
Overview of production jobsx
Production overview (all workplaces at a glance)xx
MDA messagesxx
Overview of customer ordersx
Document managementx
Code scannerx

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