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TruTops Fab Production module | TRUMPF
TruTops Fab Modul Production
TruTops Fab Modul Production

TruTops Fab Production module

Complete part processing

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Integrated production

With the TruTops Fab Production module, you can manage all of your production steps, such as assembly, painting, or external production. It makes no difference whether this relates to manual or automatic work stations. The TruTops Fab Production module builds on the TruTops Fab Quickjob module.

Control the entire production

Integrate all operations in your production process.

Completely organized

You manage the sequence of operations and all the work plans for the part.

Produce complex assemblies

Production parts are automatically assigned and warehouse parts reserved based on individual stock items.

Optimal material consumption

By taking the parts stocks and reservation of warehouse parts into consideration

Fast feedback with scanner or the app.

You can report back jobs by scanning bar codes or Data Matrix Codes.

Expansion for the TruTops Fab Quickjob module

In combination with the TruTops Fab Quickjob module, the TruTops Fab Production module covers all of your production operations, from programming to laser cutting, bending, welding or assembly, right up to quality assurance. You really are in control of the entire production process.

TruTops Fab Modul Production

Control the production of assemblies

With the TruTops Fab Production module, you have a constant overview of the individual components even for complex assemblies. The software takes part stocks into account and reserves warehouse parts. You can manage the sequence of the operations and all of the work plans per item, meaning you are provided with optimally coordinated processes and avoid wasted energy and expensive downtime. Standard forms, which you can adapt as required, are available for production plans and labels. This means everyone is aware of what has to be done. Feedback on the operation is made possible via the scanning of bar codes on the production plans as well as inputting information into terminals.
The TruTops Fab Production module is a module for production control and supplements the TruTops Fab Quickjob module.

Software products that are ideal additions to the TruTops Fab Production module

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