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TruTops Fab Storage module | TRUMPF
TruTops Fab Modul Storage
TruTops Fab Modul Storage

TruTops Fab Storage module

Intelligent warehouse management

Efficient warehouse management

Enter the field of warehouse management with the TruTops Fab Storage module: From stock management to manual storage systems to automated large warehouses. Control and monitor your entire material flow and easily manage your inventory automatically.

Access inventories with TruTops Boost

The TruTops Fab Storage module recognizes your material requirements, which were already taken into account during programming with TruTops Boost.

Efficient remainder sheet handling

Manage your remainder sheets and use them for new programs in order to save resources.

Warehouse management that grows with your business

From sheet and remainder sheet management to manual warehouse management, through automated large warehouses.

Safe batch tracking

Your material batch is automatically taken over so that you can react directly in the event of errors.

Automatic booking of material

If a weighing system is present, the TruTops Fab Storage module uses the measuring data for automatic booking of your goods receipt.

The warehouse as a transport system

Optimize your intralogistics: Return parts or distribute them to downstream work stations.

Avoid unnecessary walking

The web client enables you to scan the material right at the storage location and update the inventory.

Effectively manage tube inventories

Simple management of master data and individual tube stock.

TruTops Fab Modul Storage, Materialfluss

Integrated material flow control

The TruTops Fab Storage module controls the entire material flow in your production and manages inventories. For this, all machines and storage systems are integrated. At the touch of a button, you are provided with material master data, inputs and outputs, and current stock. The TruTops Fab Storage module also monitors your minimum stock levels. Use inventory lists and standard evaluations to optimize your warehouse movements. The TruTops Fab Storage module contains configuration stages from TruTops Fab for warehouse management. The new web client means that the warehouse worker can also use the TruTops Fab Storage module on the go. They can scan the material barcode right at the storage site, give the location and update the inventory. This saves having to walk to the operator panel and reduces errors through simple scanning of the material.

As of now, customers can also add tubes to the TruTops Fab Storage module as an item and set according to storage sites. The new model communicates with the TruLaser Tube tube cutting machines and Stopa long-span goods warehouses for this.

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