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Produktbild TruTops PFO
Produktbild TruTops PFO

TruTops PFO

Convenient programming of your programmable focusing optics

Material processing without limits

You can use the TruTops PFO offline software for the programming of 2D and 3D laser processes. You can create any geometries such as lines, C shapes or circles in the Editor. You can also upload existing workpieces from external CAD programs and program weld seams on this basis. Programming customer-specific welding processes such as wobbling is also possible.

From the comfort of your office

Using TruTops PFO you can quickly and easily create PFO programs from your PC or laptop.

Importing CAD data

You can import your CAD data and process it using the graphics-based Editor interface.

Compatibility guaranteed

The software is compatible with all TRUMPF PFO models and common CAD formats.

Flexible switch-over

As there is an integrated computer system on board, there is sufficient memory in the PFO. Once the programs have been created in TruTops PFO, the desired welding geometries are saved in the PFO with the process-specific parameters at the click of a button. This means you can switch between different welding jobs and PFO programs quickly during production. You can therefore react to changing manufacturing orders in a completely automated way.

Simple data import

With the TruTops PFO software, you can also easily import all common CAD formats (for 2D: dwg, dxf; for 3D: step, iges) into the system. If required, changes to the customer-specific welding process parameters can also be made in the convenient graphics-based Editor. TruTops PFO is compatible with all programmable focusing optics (PFO) from TRUMPF.

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