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Large numbers of orders with small lot sizes – for you this means that your programmer has to program more quickly, and make no errors. At the same time, parameters such as the optimum nesting of parts to reduce material costs and anticipatory warehouse planning need to be taken into account. With transparent production planning using the TruTops software, you have plenty of time for efficient preparation for work. The TruTops software presents all process steps for efficient planning – from the 3D part through to the finished NC program for bending, punching, punch-laser, and laser machines.

TruTops Boost

Boost your performance at the touch of a button with the unique software for 3D design and programming of laser, punching, punch-laser, and bending machines.

TruTops Fab Storage module

Optimize your stock efficiently – from stock management through to manual or automatic storage.

TecZone Fold

Program your panel benders quickly and easily.

TruTops Cell

Create and optimize programs for all 3D machines and robots – whether for cutting, welding, or laser metal deposition.

TruTops Tube

Program tube cutting machines for processing tubes and profiles – simply and efficiently.

TruTops Bend

Create bending programs intuitively. TruTops Bend provides support for your processes with TRUMPF's full range of bending expertise.

TruTops Mark

Master laser technology with our marking software.

TruTops PFO

Create your PFO programs quickly and conveniently from your desk with the help of the TruTops PFO software.

TruTops I-PFO

The offline simulation software TruTops I-PFO drafts, simulates, and optimizes all aspects of robot-based 3D remote laser processing.

Smart Teach app

The PFO SmartTeach application makes it easier for you to program the programmable focusing optics (PFO). You can quickly and easily create programs for laser welding and cutting.


The TruControl laser control system gives you a convenient option for commissioning of the laser, definition, and storage of up to 1000 different laser programs.

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