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Ever smaller series and increasing demand for flexibility mean that it is easy for operations to become hectic. The risk of errors increases and profitability suffers. You can counter these trends with networked production. Data exchange along the entire production chain enables optimized production processes with increased planning certainty, greater flexibility, and higher product quality. The machine follows the production plan automatically and continuously reports the order status. You gain an overview and prevent errors and delays.

TruTops Fab Quickjob module

You gain an overview of all production jobs and can manage and control them for processing with punching, flatbed laser, laser tube cutting, and punch laser machines.

TruTops Monitor

Record and analyze machine data, including downtime, error messages, causes of malfunctions, breaks, and maintenance periods for all of your production work stations.

TruTops Fab app

Receive information about your production jobs and the status of your machines any time and anywhere – so that you can always keep an eye on your production.

TruTops Fab Production module

Integrate all of your production operations, regardless of whether they are manual or automatic workstations.

MobileControl app

Operate and monitor your machines and systems with ease and flexibility. The app transfers the interface of the standard control panel directly to your tablet.


The TruControl laser control system gives you a convenient option for commissioning of the laser, definition, and storage of up to 1,000 different laser programs.

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