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ViBO -VCSEL integrated Backside Optics | TRUMPF
ViBo poduct image front
ViBo poduct image front
Integrated VCSEL solutions


Cost-effective and easy-to-integrate VCSEL array technology with monolithically integrated micro-optical elements. Ideal for compact 3D sensor systems.

ViBO Produktbild vorne
ViBO Produktbild vorne
Integrated VCSEL solutions


Lens structures specific to the customer are etched into the top surface of the GaAs substrate to create the required lighting profiles.

ViBO Produktbild hinten
ViBO Produktbild hinten
Integrated VCSEL solutions


ViBO products are easy to mount on the PCB or driver IC via preformed contacts using SMD assembly. This also enables lighting zones to be individually addressed.

ViBO: VCSEL with integrated Backside Optics

ViBO is a VCSEL array technology based on TRUMPF high-performance VCSELs. It involves etching unique, patented lens forms, directly into the GaAs substrate. The VCSEL array technology features monolithically integrated micro-optical elements and provides suppliers with unique advantages in creating customized lighting profiles for use in their advanced 3D sensor systems. The technology supports a new generation of lighting devices that are inherently eye-safe, for example, because the diffuser optics are monolithically integrated into the laser array. Furthermore, the components are easy to mount on the PCB or driver IC via preformed contacts using SMD assembly. This significantly reduces the form factor compared to previous hybrid, packaged VCSEL solutions which also enables easier integration, for example, under smartphone displays.

Simple integration

ViBO technology enables components to be small and compact thanks to a small base area and significantly reduced height compared to packed solutions. By using VIBO, customers then have greater freedom to develop smaller and more advanced sensor systems.

Inherently eye-safe

The diffuser optics are monolithically integrated into the GaAs substrate using a patented lens form, making the optics an integral part of the chip. This enables an inherently eye-safe system throughout the entire product lifecycle. There is no longer any need for concern about safety hazards due to flaking or malfunctioning optics.


Customers can then benefit from cost reductions in the double-digit range compared to components built with standard top emission using external optics such as diffusers.

Design freedom

Customers are unrestricted in designing individual lighting profiles and have the flexibility to address multiple segments on a chip. In addition to the monolithically integrated optics, the small form factor also facilitates designing entire sensor systems.

ViBO, Funktionsprinzip
Operating principle

ViBO is a VCSEL array technology based on TRUMPF high-performance VCSELs and integrates monolithically integrated micro-optical elements. Lens structures according to specific customer requirements are etched directly into the top surface of the GaAs substrate to create the desired lighting profile, such as scattering or collimation. Moreover, more sophisticated lighting profiles can also be created by addressing different zones.

ViBO, Anwendung Gesichtserkennung

3D sensor systems

ViBO technology is ideal for use in 3D sensor systems due to its flexibility in creating individual lighting profiles and ability to address different lighting zones on a chip. ViBO supports 3D sensor systems applications such as object or person identification, facial recognition, license plate recognition, security and access control, mobile payment, autonomous driving, driver monitoring, gesture recognition and machine vision.


ViBO technology with integrated optics creates lighting profiles to image objects at both close and long ranges. This is precisely what is needed for LIDAR. The small form factor allows VCSEL components to be easily integrated into system designs.

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