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Single & multimode VCSEL

Single-mode VCSEL

The VCSEL laser diode as a chip for high-volume applications and highly integrated sensors.

Single & multimode VCSEL

Single-mode VCSEL

Small 940 nm VCSEL arrays with Gaussian-shaped beam profile

Single & multimode VCSEL

Single-mode VCSEL

VCSEL with hermetically sealed TO46 housing for demanding ambient conditions

Single-mode VCSELs, 850 mm, TO46 with TEC, TRUMPF Photonic Components
Single-mode VCSELs, 850 mm, TO46 with TEC, TRUMPF Photonic Components
Single & multimode VCSEL

Single-mode VCSEL

VCSEL with TO46 housing and integrated TEC for large temperature window

Single-mode VCSEL

Single-mode VCSELs are the perfect choice for demanding sensor applications due to their improved optical characteristics. Higher-order longitudinal and transversal modes are suppressed by the innovative chip design; at the same time, the polarization is linearly stable.

Gaussian-shaped beam profile

The absolutely symmetrical and Gaussian-shaped beam profile makes the optical design of your application significantly easier.

Low beam divergence

A reproducible divergence angle in the range of 20° (1/e2) or less makes beam guidance easier.

Low spectral width

The laser line with a spectral width of a typical figure of 100 MHz makes this laser perfect for spectroscopic applications.

Low power input

A power input in the range of a few milliwatts allows battery operation in mobile applications.

Beam profile

In the far field, the intensity distribution of the single-mode VCSEL is perfectly Gaussian-shaped

LIVT characteristic curve

Low threshold currents and a linear performance across a large temperature range make it easier to define a suitable operating point


Higher-order modes are strongly suppressed; the spectrum has an extremely narrow band

Optical encoder for high-precision positioning

Single-mode VCSELs are perfectly suited to use in optical encoders due to their Gaussian-shaped beam profile, their low power input, their long coherence length and their outstanding reliability.

FTIR (Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy) graphic, TRUMPF Photonic Components

FTIR (Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy)

Due to the low temperature dependence of the emission wavelength (0.06 nm/K) and the narrowband spectral emission of typically 100 MHz, temperature-stabilized single-mode VCSELs are particularly suitable as a wavelength reference for FTIR spectrometers.

Oxygen sensors

Single-mode VCSELs are excellent for TDLAS applications (Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy). TDLAS systems benefit from the narrow line width and fine controllability offered by the single-mode VCSEL with TEC.

Highly precise depth sensor

Single-mode VCSEL arrays are supremely suited for highly precise ToF applications (Time-of-Flight). Linear depth measurements ranging from several meters up to 0 mm can be carried out with single-mode VCSEL arrays.


For high-volume applications and highly integrated sensors, we provide this laser diode as a chip. Here, the laser diodes are supplied as chips on a tape. This delivery format requires a pick&place or a die-bonding process for processing the laser diodes.

Small 940 nm VCSEL array with Gaussian-shaped beam profile

12 emitters mini single-mode VCSEL array for highly precise time-of-flight sensors. VCSEL arrays with Gaussian-shaped beam profile and low rise and fall times.


VCSELs in a hermetically sealed TO46 housing allow easy handling of the laser diode and are suitable for operation in demanding ambient conditions. In addition, a burn-in test is made possible; an integrated Zener diode reduces the ESD sensitivity.

TO46 with TEC

A package with an integrated TEC is suitable for applications that demand a large temperature window or require spectral stabilization of the laser diode. The Peltier element makes it possible to precisely regulate the laser temperature using the NTC resistance; there is no condensation on the VCSEL due to the hermeticity of the housing.

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