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The revamped TRUMPF.com website is a win-win for our customers!

Find out more – and win!

Welcome to the brand new TRUMPF website! Join us on an exciting voyage of discovery through our revamped website. Solve the questions to discover interesting topics, functions, services, videos and much more!

Eagle-eyed and creative visitors who provide the correct answers and estimates for the following questions by  31 May 2017 have the chance to win some great prizes:

1st prize: Apple smartwatch

2nd prize: iPad

3rd prize: Bose Bluetooth speaker

Make a note of all your answers and submit them together on the form on the next page.

TRUMPF employees are not permitted to take part in the competition.

All aboard the voyage of discovery through the new TRUMPF.com website!

Question 1

We now offer a comprehensive insight into the many different sectors for which TRUMPF produces its machines and systems. One of these sectors is the automotive industry. Amongst other things, TRUMPF lasers process dashboards in cars, helping to ensure that an important component is invisible when installed. What component is this?

Question 2

With just a few clicks, you can now access the technical data for our machines and compare up to three product versions with one another. Give it a go and answer the following question: Which version of the TruMicro Series 5000 ultrashort pulse laser with the infrared wavelength has the highest average power – the TruMicro 5050, 5070 or 5080?

Question 3

Our new website gives you an insight into life at TRUMPF. Development Engineer Andreas Bunz, for example, spent time at our American subsidiary in Farmington. He missed one thing from his home in Swabia, Germany, during his time in America. Listen carefully as Andreas Bunz tells you what it was in one of our new videos.

Question 4

TRUMPF not only offers you machines and software, but also services which are tailored to your needs. The website icons have been redesigned and help identify the various products and services. What does the icon for the 'training courses' service show?

Question 5

As a global company, we have sites around the world. Naturally, this also includes China. Put your search skills to the test and name three Chinese cities where the company operates.

Question 6

Digital transformation in the production industry is a key issue for the future. TruConnect can offer you bespoke solutions on your journey to the Smart Factory. An entertaining video shows you the benefits of digital networking. Where does the charming man meet the clever TRUMPF customer?

Question 7

All content on the website used to be written in German, but this has long been consigned to the history books. Estimate the total number of words which were translated for the launch of www.trumpf.com. We recommend estimating the number of German words and multiplying this by the number of available languages.

Question 8

TRUMPF has always appreciated the role it plays in our society. We take responsibility and participate in projects that benefit us all. 'Education', 'employees' and 'culture and social issues' are three important areas which TRUMPF supports, both financially and through our employees' own personal involvement. There is one other important area – which area is this?

Have you noted down all the answers or do you have them in the back of your mind?

Then submit your answers by 31 May 2017! The winners will be informed by the end of June.

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